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Email Us FAQ

Email Us From Within the App

When you tap on the menu button and send an email from within in the app, we receive information about your account that helps us help you more quickly. Our customer service representatives usually answer email inquiries within 24 hours.


Q: I can’t get the app to load. It gets stuck on the loading screen.

If you are having trouble loading the app, we recommend uninstalling the app and reinstalling it either from the Cloud or the App Store. Your account balance will be preserved through the process and be waiting for you when you launch the app again.

Q: When I load a slot, it just pops me back to the lobby without loading the slot. Why can’t I load any slots?

It’s possible that your device doesn’t have sufficient memory to load additional slots. Start by powering down and restarting your device. That will clear the “cache” of your device creating more space. If you are still having trouble, check the available storage on your device and delete any unnecessary apps if storage is tight. Still not working? Drop us an email from within the app and we’ll help you troubleshoot further.

Q: I purchased coins but they were not credited to my account. How can I get the coins I purchased?

Email us from inside the app by tapping on the menu button in the lower left hand corner and then tapping on the mail icon. Please include purchase confirmation information in your email to help us expedite processing. We will be able to manually update your coin balance and get you on your way to winning more coins!

Q: I bought a VIP coin package. Why can’t I access VIP slots?

Email us from inside the app. We will check your account and take the necessary steps to fix your VIP status. That will ensure you can access the games, daily bonuses, and enhanced coin packages you’re entitled to.

Q: My daily/hourly bonus was not credited today. What gives?

The daily bonus coins are added to your balance as the app loads, before you actually click on the "Collect Now" button, so the total you might see when you open the app includes the bonus already. It's the same with the hourly bonus. You'll notice that the balance increases when you tap on the “Hourly Bonus” button in the lobby. If you are still concerned that your coin balance did not get updated with the bonus, email us from within the app and we will assist you further.